MOC Display

There are three ways to participate in the MOC Display: Fan Gallery, The Empire Strikes Back Asteroid Chase, and A New Hope Vignette Extravaganza.

Fan Gallery

Bring your own Star Wars-themed MOCs and display them in the fan gallery for all of the world (aka LEGOLAND guests). You can reserve table space of increments of 1/4, half, or full tables. Tables are 6′ feet in length and we have plenty to go around. Need more space than a full table? We can accommodate that too. Just let us know when you register.

Empire Strikes Back Asteroid Chase

Update 3/24: We have a sign up sheet for you to fill in what you’ll be bringing or to see what others are bringing. This will give you an idea if we need more ships or asteroids. Also, we are incentivizing your participationg in this display. For each ship or asteroid you contribute and hang in the display, you will get a drawing ticket where you could win a gift card to The Big Shop. We have a couple of gift cards to give away and they are either $25 or $50 dollar cards.

-end update-

We have the use of the large glass display case that we used last year for our epic Return of the Jedi space battle. This year, we a will be recreating the asteroid chase scene from Empire Strikes Back. The scalse is once again microscale, so help contribute to the dipslay by bringing mocs of TIE Fighters, TIE Bombers, asteroids, and anything else you want to add! For each model you bring, you will get a raffle ticket for a drawing for a gift card to LEGOLAND’s Big Shop. More details to follow!

A New Hope Vignette Extravaganza

Update 3/24: If you’ve already built your vignette, great! If not, there’s still time and we have a few guidelines you should try and adhere to:

“Micro, minifig, and miniland, scales are all acceptable but please keep the vignette to 12studs X 12studs. If you really want to make something big, ( the trench scene for example) long is preferred, build it modular, out of 12X12 sections. This is because of the display shelving for the vignettes is stair stepped, 1 vignette deep by 12 vignettes long.”

The reason for this is because we are planning to display each of the vignettes on a tiered display and all vignettes should follow the same design for the base, pictured below:

base1 base2

There’s still time to adjust your vignettes if you wish to do so. The idea is to have each of the scenes link together.

We are also incentivizing your participation in this build. A staff member from LEGOLAND will be picking her favorite model and the winner will receive a gift card to The Big Shop. Gift card amount to be determined.

-end update-

We are recreating the Star Wars movie that started it all, A New Hope, one vignette at a time. All you need to do is pick a scene and enter your scene into this Google spreadsheet. Just create a new row where your scene falls chronoligically and enter the relevant information. There’s no limitation on scale, but each vignette should be at a minimum 8studs x 8studs.

Update 3/24:


Free T-shirt: You’ll get this year’s t-shirt in the size you specify when you register. Final design of the shirt to be revealed. Volunteering is the only way to get a shirt.

Free Lunch: Volunteers will have access to the staging area where a free lunch will be served. Last year’s Star Wars Days saw box lunches catered by Corner Bakery. This year might be the same. It might be different. Volunteer and find out!

Discount coupon to the Big Shop: You’ll get a coupon good for a nice discount to the Big Shop. Coupon is 20% off of up to five items. Certain exclusions apply.

Free Passes: You’ll receive two complimentary passes to LEGOLAND California for future use.

Free Tchotchkes: Every year, the park gives away a button, a poster, and some other miscellaneous items. You’ll get those as well without having to walk all over the park.

Exclusive minifig: This year’s exclusive minifig is TC-4 and you’ll only get him if you both contribute to any of the MOC Display activities AND volunteer some of your time.

Interested? Hit up our registration page and submit your information.